Known Issues 2020.1

Release Date: 2/26/2020

Jedox OLAP Server & Client Libraries

  • The database access rights from cube #_GROUP_DATABASE_DATA are not yet fully utilized in Jedox Web (#18919)
    • Workaround: it is recommended not to define access to internal databases (fgrp* / rgrp*) via this cube currently.
  • Scheduled  Backups of large databases will reach a timeout after 20 minutes (#40440)
    • Workaround: exclude CSV files from the generation of the backup or increase the timeout setting.
  • Spacer elements are incorrectly displayed in views when an attribute or alias is used. (#40925)

Jedox Excel Add-In & Jedox Office Add-In

  • In Excel for Office 365, pasting a subset into a single cell and then expanding it over a range of cells as an array doesn’t work due to a recent change in Excel functionality, which inserts an @ into formulas. Pasting the subset directly into a range of cells does work.  (44557)
    • Workaround: after expanding the cell range, remove the @ operator manually from the formula and press CTRL-SHIFT-ENTER.
  • Success charts in xlsx files exported from Jedox Web are not properly shown when directly opened via double clicking the xlsx file
    • Workaround: Open excel and use menu “File” – “Open” to open the xlsx file
  • In some scenarios, a Lost UI error message is displayed in the log. This error message has no impact on the performance. (#42343)
  • Incorrect display of the Subset Editor for some display settings. (#39890)
    • Workaround: Enable the Optimize for compatibility option in Excel > Display Settings.
  • The Element Picker encounters display issues when using the arrows to remove elements from a selection. (#43332)

Jedox Web

  • Reports exported from Jedox Web with styles are only applied properly on the first sheet in reports that were exported from Jedox Web. (44647)
  • In Administration, multiple tabs for the same user, group, and role can be opened at once. (44528)
  • When some dialogs are minimized, the content appears truncated. (43652, 43987, 44020)
  • Form element inserts “Root” element instead of an empty string when a row is inserted between values in the spreadsheet. (44570)
  • In Jedox Views, the Hide Headers option in the Paste View>Option dialog doesn’t work in some scenarios. (44680, 44672)
  • On some longer mathematical calculation formulas, the order of calculation is not correct (#16374)
    • Workaround: enforce calculation order by setting brackets in the formula
  • When creating two reverse DynaRanges that are aligned next to each other, expansion doesn’t work correctly (#19534)
  • When using a recursive named range (i.e. named range that refers to itself), Spreadsheet Server can become unstable (#16837)
  • In some scenarios, a popup regarding conversion of workbooks is shown when opening a workbook, even though it was already saved in the current version (#16423)
  • If the data source for a chart is dynamic (e.g. based on @variables), the chart may not initialize with correct settings and formatting in all cases (#21902)
    • Workaround: manually define the options for data structure in “Source Data” dialog
  • When using references for parts of PALO.ESELECT() formula, the element picker overwrites references with static values when changing the element selection (#26266)
  • Cell borders of merged cells are not exported to PDF when the print area touches merged cell area
    • Workaround: Increase print area to cover merged cells completely
  • In Views with hidden header dimension(s) creating a hold fails with error message (#35665)
  • Labels not properly exported to XLSX when data source is a cell reference or named range (#40104)
  • When using Edge Browser, in some cases the Cursor does not change to pointing hand in User mode (#41179)
  • When enabling View Option: “Use Element Name in Path”, elements selections done before get reset (#41143)
  • When a user belongs to multiple groups with different access rights to Folders in Report Hierarchies, the user rights are not correctly applied after setting them the first time (#33373)
    • Workaround: Set same user rights once more
  • In Report mode, Cell Tracer is not displayed in the context menu of the locked cells. (#41062)
  • Deleting duplicate stored subsets with case sensitive name deletes both stored subsets. (#40858)
  • In Rule Editor, when only one element is used (both in ‘Target’ and ‘Source’ panels) it is not possible to preselect it. (#41106)
  • When searching for elements in dimensions with more than one million elements or with deep nesting, the search sometimes fails with an error message. (#41045)
  • Searching in a nested dimension in Modeler causes the following OLAP error: Error while loading elements. (#41135)
  • Deeply nested dimensions can trigger an error in Subset Editor. (#41055)
  • In Report Designer, the borders of unlocked cells are sometimes not shown in User Mode. (#41043)
  • Enabling Designer Preview on a workbook with DynaRanges or the preview option in Paste View logs a workbook load message in core.log. No other effect. (#41192)
  • The layout in Report Designer is not properly displayed when toggling between components. (#41008)
  • In a large database, it is not possible to find an element starting with 0 in a searchable ComBobox. (#41759)
  • When exporting and importing an XLSX containing bubble chart, the chart is not properly displayed due to the data source not being correctly interpreted. (#41651)
    • Workaround: After an XLSX import, set the data source again.
  • Warning messages are logged in the scheduler server log after installing a model from the marketplace and executing a task in the Scheduler. (#42293)
  • In the Subset Editor > Hierarchy tab, the Siblings option in a Cyclic list is not maintained selected after saving the subset. (#40834)
  • The Large Subset checkbox becomes deselected when switching from Formula to Subset and from Formula to ODBC query. (#41800)
  • When creating a ComboBox, you cannot include an element in a target cell if its name starts with “+”. (#41869)
  • The Undo functionality does not work properly after switching between the elements of a ComboBox. (#42321)
  • In a ComboBox, preselecting an element from a very large dimension (1M or larger) causes an Internal Server error. (#41809)
  • Incorrect behavior of the Data Filter in the Subset Editor when Cube/Subcube Variables are activated. (#42291, #42287)
  • In System cubes, when switching from Rules to Properties tab, an error in the browser console can occur. (#42285)
  • In some scenarios, Dynamic styles are incorrectly displayed in a report with unlocked cells. (#42336)
  • Importing a workbook that has the same name as an existing one via drag & drop takes a long time if you opt out of replacing the existing document. (#42296)
  • Using a comma in the name of a stored subset can cause issues when trying to detach a view that uses that subset. (#42322)
  • HideRow inside a DynaRange does not work in User Mode. Instead it shows the actual “TRUE” instead of hiding the row. (#42178)
  • If there are neither row nor column dimensions in Paste View and Zero Suppression is enabled, editing the View by adding the dimensions to rows/columns will disable Zero Suppression. (#43101)
  • The order of cube dimensions listed in the Rule Editor is not correct in all scenarios. (#43169)


Jedox Integrator & Integrator Manager UI

  • When the browser is resized to a smaller size, some tabs overlap and the FlowGraph pane cuts into the Settings Panel. (#42866)
  • In Relational Extracts, the count(*) function does not give the correct count in the data preview for a multi-statement, table-valued function. (#44749)

Jedox Scheduler

  • No known issues

Jedox Supervision Server

  • No known issues

Jedox Sandbox

  • No known issues

Jedox Setup

  • On first installation, Visual C++ runtime 2017 Installer is executed, which might require a restart depending on OS / Version
  • If the Windows operating system isn’t up to date, installation of the Visual C++ runtime during Jedox setup sometimes fails or hangs
    • Workaround: Make sure that all Windows updates are installed before executing setup.
  • Linux only: Log files of tomcat server show one hour difference to server system time (#40094)
  • Linux only: After installing R in jedox chroot login is not possible anymore, “Backend unavailable” error shown on login page (#40006)
    • Workaround: Set JAVA_HOME in, e.g. add line: export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-11-openjdk-
  • All reports / widgets accessing Google Maps are not loaded correctly (#38669)

Jedox Mobile

  • Element pickers on huge and highly nested dimensions are slow compared to web version (#38365)
  • Mobile tags set by administrators are not propagated to users. (#41664)
    • Workaround: As an administrator, you must log in as the user and set the tags. 

Jedox Models

  • All Time Series reports: When POV menu is expanded, the chart isn’t always correctly moved, overlapping the table.