Known Issues – Version 2018.3

Release Date: 08/29/2018
* = Hotfix available

Jedox OLAP Server & Client Libraries

  • Calculation of aggregations where the weight of all child elements is set to 0 takes too long (#17878)
  • The database access rights from cube #_GROUP_DATABASE_DATA are not yet fully utilized in Jedox Web (#18919)
    • Workaround: it is recommended not to define access to internal databases (fgrp* / rgrp*) via this cube currently.
  • In “Static Marker Driven Engine” (not used by default), Markers are not refreshed when dimension that is used in Marker is changed (#13752)
    • Workaround: Switch to new “Reduced Marker Cleaning” Engine or use new API function /database/rebuild_markers
  • After applying Windows 10 update 1803, jedox license is deleted / not shown anymore (#37603)
    • Workaround: Re-activate your license via license manager

Jedox Excel Add-In & Jedox Office Add-In

  • Creating Views in existing workbooks sometimes changes colors in previously formatted cells due to limitations of the Excel color table (#16502)
  • When using Excel Add-In on Windows 10 build 1709 on a high resolution display, element selectors in paste view are grey and show no content (#37212)
    • Workaround: Open any saved xlsx file containing a saved view and use “Edit View”
    • Fix: Update to latest Windows 10 release (verified with Windows 10 build 1803)
  • Success charts in xlsx files exported from Jedox Web are not properly shown when directly opened via double clicking the xlsx file
    • Workaround: Open excel and use menu “File” – “Open” to open the xlsx file
  • On client environments using multiple screens with different scaling options, some dialogs are not displayed correctly (#38319)
    • Workaround: Set scaling of main display to 100%
  • In connection wizard, after canceling the deletion of a connection, the delete button becomes inactive (#38294)
    • Workaround: After restart of Excel button is enabled again

Jedox Web

  • On some longer mathematical calculation formulas, the order of calculation is not correct (#16374)
    • ​​​​​​​Workaround: enforce calculation order by setting brackets in the formula
  • When creating two reverse DynaRanges that are aligned next to each other, expansion doesn’t work correctly (#19534)
  • When using a recurcsive named range (i.e. named range that refers to itself), Spreadsheet Server can become unstable (#16837)
  • If the data source for a chart is dynamic (e.g. based on @variables), the chart may not initialize with correct settings and formatting in all cases (#21902)
    • Workaround: manually define the options for data structure in “Source Data” dialog
  • On large and highly nested dimensions, load of “Paste Elements” dialog is slow (#26220)
  • When using references for parts of PALO.ESELECT() formula, the element picker overwrites references with static values when changing the element selection (#26266)
  • Cell borders of merged cells are not exported to PDF when the print area touches merged cell area
    • Workaround: Increase print area to cover merged cells completely
  • In Views with hidden header dimension(s) creating a hold fails with error message (#35665)
  • After selecting a time dimension in modeler and switching to another manager, there’s pop asking to update dimension (#38419)
    • Workaround: No other effects, can be canceled.
  • In report designer, double clicking a report in tree causes error message: “Unable to switch to selected Workbook” (#38413)
  • Rule Editor doesn’t show argument “control” for functions with single argument like e.g. EVEN() (#38363)
  • Linux only: Setting a font format (e.g. alignment / font type) on a whole column (by selecting column header) in a jedox web report or loading a report with such formatting takes long time (#38372)
  • Zero suppression doesn’t work in element picker in header dimensions of paste view (#38412)

Jedox Integrator & Integrator Manager UI

  • The connection test for File connections with location “OneDrive” fails with O365DiscoveryException Code 101
    • Only connection test fails, connection works when used in a file extract (#38187)
  • When switching fast between different components sometime an error popup is shown: “Code: R1 – ETL Backend error: could not delete temporary file.” (#37857)
    • No other effects – can be ignored.
  • Olap session renewal is not working correctly (#38425) *
    • Symptoms: Long running executions accessing olap server fail / time out.
    • Workaround: Increase timeout of olap session in palo.ini.
  • In all extracts providing functionality “Update field structure” (Files, Relational, Salesforce,etc.) the default mapping from field structure area is not working (#38488) *
    • Workaround: In the Field Structure set the Field Name like the Field (=Column name in the database table)
  • Saving a project with a field transform containing a function of type “Map” with no values for the “From” column causes an error (#38441)
    • Workaround: Make sure before saving project, that all “From” columns have some value – if empty “From” column is needed, save the field transform using XML view mode
  • Accessing files on server filesystem which are not in integrator data\files directory results in error: “Access to file  XYZ restriced.” (#38515) *
    • Workaround: Move file to Integrator data\files directory.
  • In file loads with target report designer, it’s not possible to write to directories from different model namespaces (#36519)
    • Workaround: For writing, always use global namespace.
  • For treebased sources the treeformat FHWA returns attribute values incorrectly: The root element attributes are returned for all nodes (#38465) *
  • In SalesforceObject extract an filter with operand equals/not equals and value “NULL” leads to a Warning Message “Deprecated filter on NULL value”. (#38422) *

Jedox Supervision Server

  • No known issues

Jedox 3rd Party Access (ODBO/XMLA)

  • No known issues

Jedox Sandbox

  • On some display resolutions (usually in combination with DPI scaling) fonts in sandbox appear blurry (#35517)

Jedox Setup

  • On first installation, Visual C++ runtime 2017 Installer is executed, which might require a restart depending on OS / Version
  • If the Windows operating system isn’t up to date, installation of the Visual C++ runtime during Jedox setup sometimes fails or hangs
    • Make sure that all Windows updates are installed before executing setup.

Jedox Mobile

  • Changing Report Hierarchy or Group is not possible (#38396)
  • After opening several reports, the app becomes unstable (#38397)
    • Workaround for both issues: Add the following line to <Jedox>\httpd\app\etc\config.php: define(‘SESS_NO_TOKEN’, true);
  • Element pickers on huge and highly nested dimensions are slow compared to web version (#38365)

Jedox Models

  • When exporting model reports to PDF / XLSX, display of export is not always correct as page settings are set to defaults (#28987)
    • Workaround: Define page settings manually
  • All Jedox Models: When changing DB name of an installed model during “Repair” mode, sample data is not properly installed (#37651)
  • All Time Series reports: When POV menu is expanded, the chart isn’t always correctly moved, overlapping the table
  • Documentation in Knowledge Base is not yet fully completed for all models