Known Issues – Version 2019.3

Release Date: 08/28/2019
* = Hotfix available

Jedox OLAP Server & Client Libraries

  • The database access rights from cube #_GROUP_DATABASE_DATA are not yet fully utilized in Jedox Web (#18919)
    • Workaround: it is recommended not to define access to internal databases (fgrp* / rgrp*) via this cube currently.
  • When SAML authentication is configured, the Login for new users which do not exist in the System database yet sometimes does not work when using Jedox Web (#39151)
  • Scheduled  Backups of large databases will reach a timeout after 20 minutes (#40440)
    • Workaround: exclude CSV files from the generation of the backup or increase the timeout setting.
  • Spacer elements are incorrectly displayed in views when an attribute or alias is used. (#40925)
  • On Linux, SVS Scripts that use symbolic links are not shown in the in SVS Script Editor and can’t be edited. (#42559)

Jedox Excel Add-In & Jedox Office Add-In

  • Creating Views in existing workbooks sometimes changes colors in previously formatted cells due to limitations of the Excel color table (#16502)
  • When using Excel Add-In on Windows 10 build 1709 on a high resolution display, element selectors in paste view are grey and show no content (#37212)
    • Workaround: Open any saved xlsx file containing a saved view and use “Edit View”
    • Fix: Update to latest Windows 10 release (verified with Windows 10 build 1803)
  • Success charts in xlsx files exported from Jedox Web are not properly shown when directly opened via double clicking the xlsx file
    • Workaround: Open excel and use menu “File” – “Open” to open the xlsx file
  • On client environments using multiple screens with different scaling options, some dialogs are not displayed correctly (#38319)
    • Workaround: Set scaling of main display to 100%
  • View lists are not correctly shown after moving the View between Global and Private. (41015)
  • Error displayed when using Show now with a stored view. (#41200)
    • Workaround: Make sure no stored view is selected when you use the Show now feature.
  • Switching between two stored views in different databases causes the Saved Stored View dialog to be displayed without any change in the views. (#41042)
  • When SAML authentication is configured and the Olap session expires, automatic session renewal sometimes doesn’t work if only formulas in a workbook are reloaded with F9. (#41205)
    • Workaround: Use manual disconnect / connect. Increase Olap session timeout in palo.ini to avoid session timeout generally.
  • In some scenarios, a Lost UI error message is displayed in the log. This error message has no impact on the performance. (#42343)
  • The following error is displayed when opening the SUCCESS-charts.xlsx sample: “String does not contain a definition for oString”. (#42295)*

Jedox Web

  • On some longer mathematical calculation formulas, the order of calculation is not correct (#16374)
    • Workaround: enforce calculation order by setting brackets in the formula
  • When creating two reverse DynaRanges that are aligned next to each other, expansion doesn’t work correctly (#19534)
  • When using a recursive named range (i.e. named range that refers to itself), Spreadsheet Server can become unstable (#16837)
  • In some scenarios, a popup regarding conversion of workbooks is shown when opening a workbook, even though it was already saved in the current version (#16423)
  • If the data source for a chart is dynamic (e.g. based on @variables), the chart may not initialize with correct settings and formatting in all cases (#21902)
    • Workaround: manually define the options for data structure in “Source Data” dialog
  • When using references for parts of PALO.ESELECT() formula, the element picker overwrites references with static values when changing the element selection (#26266)
  • Cell borders of merged cells are not exported to PDF when the print area touches merged cell area
    • Workaround: Increase print area to cover merged cells completely
  • In Views with hidden header dimension(s) creating a hold fails with error message (#35665)
  • Linux only: Setting a font format (e.g. alignment / font type) on a whole column (by selecting column header) in a Jedox Web report or loading a report with such formatting takes long time (#38372)
    • Workaround: Configure SSS to use “freetype” textmetric engine in font_config.xml
  • Labels not properly exported to XLSX when data source is a cell reference or named range (#40104)
  • When using Edge Browser, in some cases the Cursor does not change to pointing hand in User mode (#41179)
  • When enabling View Option: “Use Element Name in Path”, elements selections done before get reset (#41143)
  • When using a stored subset in a view and the subset is renamed, the view brakes and can’t be pasted again on the same spreadsheet (#41073)
  • When a user belongs to multiple groups with different access rights to Folders in Report Hierarchies, the user rights are not correctly applied after setting them the first time (#33373)
    • Workaround: Set same user rights once more
  • In Report mode, Cell Tracer is not displayed in the context menu of the locked cells. (#41062)
  • In Standalone links, the option “Show Toolbar” has no effect when Simple Ribbon is used. (#41382)
  • Deleting duplicate stored subsets with case sensitive name deletes both stored subsets. (#40858)
  • It is not possible to set linebreaks in the Stored View description. (#41096)
  • In Internet Explorer 11, importing reports or report bundles sometimes fails with the following error: Unable to import “undefined” file. (#39744)
  • Working with deeply nested elements in Paste View > Select elements can cause display issues. (#41049, #41003)
  • Preselecting multiple root level elements in Clear Cube, Advanced Rule Editor and Planning Assistant does not work. (#41089)
  • In Advanced Rule Editor, when only one element is used (both in ‘Target’ and ‘Source’ panels) it is not possible to preselect it. (#41106)
  • When searching for elements in dimensions with more than one million elements or with deep nesting, the search sometimes fails with an error message. (#41045)
  • Searching in a nested dimension in Modeler causes the following OLAP error: Error while loading elements. (#41135)
  • Deeply nested dimensions can trigger an error in Subset Editor. (#41055)
  • In Report Designer, the borders of unlocked cells are sometimes not shown in User Mode. (#41043)
  • Enabling Designer Preview on a workbook with DynaRanges or the preview option in Paste View logs a workbook load message in core.log. No other effect. (#41192)
  • The layout in Report Designer is not properly displayed when toggling between components. (#41008)
  • The User Mode button is disabled in the expanding menu of the Simple Ribbon when accessed from a small-sized browser window. (#42020)
  • In a large database, it is not possible to find an element starting with 0 in a searchable ComBobox. (#41759)
  • The User Mode button is disabled in the expanding menu of the Simple Ribbon when accessed from a small-sized browser window. (#42020)
  • When exporting and importing an XLSX containing bubble chart, the chart is not properly displayed due to the data source not being correctly interpreted. (#41651)
    • After an XLSX import, set the data source again.
  • Warning messages are logged in the scheduler server log after installing a model from the marketplace and executing a task in the Scheduler. (#42293)
  • In the Subset Editor > Hierarchy tab, the Siblings option in a Cyclic list is not maintained selected after saving the subset. (#40834)
  • The Large Subset checkbox becomes deselected when switching from Formula to Subset and from Formula to ODBC query. (#41800)
  • The Data filter in the Subset Editor causes a Chrome log error when using variables as a cell reference. (#42283)
  • When creating a ComboBox, you cannot include an element in a target cell if its name starts with “+”. (#41869)
  • The Undo functionality does not work properly after switching between the elements of a ComboBox. (#42321)
  • In a ComboBox, preselecting an element from a very large dimension (1M or larger) causes an Internal Server error. (#41809)
  • Incorrect behavior of the Data Filter in the Subset Editor when Cube/Subcube Variables are activated. (#42291, #42287)
  • In System cubes, when switching from Rules to Properties tab, an error in the browser console can occur. (#42285)
  • In some scenarios, Dynamic styles are incorrectly displayed in a report with unlocked cells. (#42336)
  • Multiple clicks on the Login button create multiple active sessions for the same user. In this case, a message is displayed, informing you that the session token is invalid or that the license concurrency limit has been reached. (42484)*


Jedox Integrator & Integrator Manager UI

  • No known issues

Jedox Scheduler

  • No known issues.

Jedox Supervision Server

  • No known issues.

Jedox Sandbox

  • No known issues.

Jedox Setup

  • On first installation, Visual C++ runtime 2017 Installer is executed, which might require a restart depending on OS / Version
  • If the Windows operating system isn’t up to date, installation of the Visual C++ runtime during Jedox setup sometimes fails or hangs
    • Make sure that all Windows updates are installed before executing setup.
  • Linux only: Log files of tomcat server show one hour difference to server system time (#40094)
  • Linux only: After installing R in jedox chroot login is not possible anymore, “Backend unavailable” error shown on login page (#40006)
    • Workaround: Set JAVA_HOME in, e.g. add line: export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-11-openjdk-
  • All reports / widgets accessing Google Maps are not loaded correctly (#38669)
  • When there are no binary database files for the internal databases shipped by setup, those databases can get corrupted during update. Binary database files should always exist, except they were manually deleted from file system.  (#42351)
  • When performing a Windows update installation, the value incorrectly set in, resulting in display issues for Dynamic Charts in PDF. (#42350)
  • When installing with a non-default Apache port (other than 80), Modeler shows an error message when accessed. (#42540)*
    • Workaround: Set the sss.url parameter to point to Apache port manually in <Jedox>\tomcat\webapps\rpc\WEB-INF\classes.

Jedox Mobile

  • Element pickers on huge and highly nested dimensions are slow compared to web version (#38365)

Jedox Models

  • When exporting model reports to PDF / XLSX, display of export is not always correct as page settings are set to defaults (#28987)
    • Workaround: Define page settings manually
  • All Time Series reports: When POV menu is expanded, the chart isn’t always correctly moved, overlapping the table
  • Documentation in Knowledge Base is not yet fully completed for all models